St Ursula and St Angela Medal – Patrons of Teachers and People with Special Needs – Sterling Silver Antique Replica




Size: 3/4 inch
Material: Sterling silver.

The front of this beautiful medal features St Ursula holding a palm frond to symbolize her martyrdom and an arrow, which was the instrument with which she was killed for her faith. The reverse shows St Angela Merici holding a book, to symbolize her life of teaching, a crucifix and a lily to symbolize purity. The inscriptions are in Latin and translate as “St Angela / St Ursula Pray For Us”.

The legend of St Ursula states that she was an princess who set sail from Britain to meet her bridegroom in France. She left with several thousand handmaidens and miraculously crossed the English channel in a single day. in thanksgiving she decided to make a pilgrimage to Rome. They set out, and as she and her handmaids approached Cologne, Germany, the city was besieged by the Huns who captured Ursula and all her companions. The young women were all beheaded and Ursula was shot with arrows by the leader of the Huns for her faith. The Basilica of St Ursula in Cologne is said to hold her relics.?

As a young woman, St Angela lived in Desenzano, Italy, where became concerned about the lack of Christian education among poor girls. She founded an association of women dedicated to teaching these girls, which was a radical idea at the time. This small group of women were the beginning of the Ursuline Order. In 1524, while traveling on pilgrimage to the Holy Land, she was struck blind. She continued her trip anyway, seeing the sights with the eyes of her heart. She was cured of her blindness while praying before a crucifix on her way home. St Angela died in 1540.

The medal was cast in sterling silver from an antique medal in the Rosa Mystica Collection so it shows all the beauty and history of the original piece. It comes with a matching holy card in an organza gift bag, ready for gift-giving, and was made in the USA.

St Angela is the patron of
Against illness
Sick individuals
Against death of parents
Disabled individuals

St Ursula is the patron of
Catholic education
School children
Holy death
University of Paris


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