St Gemma Galgani and St Gabriel Possenti Medal – Patron Of Pharmacists – Antique Reproduction



Size: 5/8 inch
Material: Sterling silver

This medal shows St Gemma holding a crucifix with her eyes lifted in prayer. The reverse shows St Gabriel Possenti praying in front of a crucifix with a skull to represent mortality.

Gemma Galgani’s parents died when she was young. As a result she had to take over the care of her seven brothers and sisters in spite of her own poor health. She was diagnosed with spinal meningitis and as the illness progressed she became deaf, lost her hair, lost the ability to move, suffered from excruciating headaches, and had to wear a metal corset. When she was close to death she prayed to the venerable (now saint) Gabriel Possenti and was miraculously cured. After her cure she was called to share in the sufferings of Christ for the conversion of sinners and received the stigmata each Thursday and Friday from 1899 through 1901. She received mystical visions and raptures and frequently saw her guardian angel, Jesus, and Mary. In 1903 she was diagnosed with tuberculosis and died peacefully on April 11.

The medal was cast in sterling silver from an antique medal in the Rosa Mystica Collection so it shows all the beauty and history of the original piece. It comes with a matching holy card in an organza gift bag, ready for gift-giving, and was made in the USA

St Gemma is the patron of:
Against back pain
Loss of parents
Against temptation

St Gabriel Possenti is the patron of:
Young people


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