St Cecilia Medal – Patron of Musicians – Sterling Silver Antique Replica




Size: 7/8 inch
Material: Sterling silver

This medal features St Cecilia holding the pipes to an organ. She wears a Roman toga and her hair is loose to symbolize her virginity.

St Cecilia was also a young Roman woman. She pledged her virginity to God, but her parents forced her into marriage with a pagan man named Valerian. Cecilia converted both her husband and his brother to Christianity, and the brothers began to help others by giving a proper burial to Christian martyrs. The Valerian and his brother were martyred themselves for this action. Cecilia had them buried in her villa, and was arrested herself. She was offered a pardon if she would sacrifice to pagan gods, but refused and was martyred for her faith.

It was cast from an antique medal in my personal collection so it shows all the wear of the original piece. It is made of sterling silver and will come with a matching holy card in an organza gift bag, so it’s ready to give as a present to someone else or yourself.

St Cecilia is the patron of


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