St George Medal – Sterling Silver Antique Replica – Patron of horseback riders, skin diseases, and England




Size: Approximately 1/2 inch
Material: Sterling silver

This medal features a dramatic and beautiful portrayal of St George on horseback slaying the mighty dragon. The inscription reads “Saint Georgius” which is Latin for Saint George. The reverse shows a ship being tossed on the sea during a storm. St George was often called upon for help by sailors. The inscription reads “In Tempestate Securitas” which is Latin for “safety in storms”.

According to the legend of St George, a dragon was terrorizing the countryside near Silena, Libya. The local people tried to appease the dragon by feeding it livestock of every kind. When this didn’t work they decided to feed the dragon a young maiden, but George arrived in time to hear of their plan. He crossed himself and rode into battle against the creature, killing it with a single blow. He then gave a sermon and converted the local population to Christianity.

In reality St George was a Roman soldier born to a Christian family. He served the emperor Constantine, but when Constantine demanded that all his soldiers sacrifice to pagan gods, George refused. Constantine tried to change the young man’s mind, but George held firm and was martyred for his faith around the year 304.

The medal was cast in sterling silver from an antique medal in the Rosa Mystica Collection so it shows all the beauty and history of the original piece. It comes with a matching holy card in an organza gift bag, ready for gift-giving, and was made in the USA

St George is the patron of:
Horseback riders
Boy Scouts
Skin diseases


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