St Bernard of Menthon with his Dog Medal – Patron of Mountain Climbers, Hikers and Skiers – Sterling Silver Antique Replica




Size: 1 inch
Material: Sterling silver

This beautiful medal shows St Bernard beside his namesake dog with skiers and climbers on the mountains in the background. The artist used skis on either side to make a decorative border. The inscription on the reverse is in French and translates as “St Bernard, Patron of Skiers and Alpinists.”

St Bernard was born around 1020 in France to a noble family. He became a priest and devoted his life to converting and protecting the people of the Alps. He founded a hospice at the highest point in the Pennine Alps where the snow level could reach 40 feet. He and a group of dedicated monks cared for pilgrims who used the dangerous pass to reach Rome. They trained local herding dogs to assist in rescuing stranded travelers. These dogs are the St Bernard dogs that we know today. The hostel is still open today and is staffed by 35 dedicated monks

St Bernard is the patron of:
Mountain climbers


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