St Stanislas Kostka / St Aloysius Gonzaga Medal – Patrons Of Teenagers And Poland – Antique Reproduction




Stanislaus was born of noble?parents?on July 26th at Szczepanow near Cracow, Poland. He was educated at Gnesen and was ordained there. He was given a canonry by?Bishop?Lampert Zula of Cracow, who made him his preacher, and soon he became noted for his preaching. He became a much sought after spiritual adviser. He was successful in his reforming efforts, and in 1072 was named?bishop?of Cracow. He incurred the enmity of King Boleslaus the Bold when he denounced the King’s cruelties and injustices and especially his kidnapping of the beautiful wife of a nobleman. When Stanislaus excommunicated the King and stopped services at?
the?cathedral?when Boleslaus entered, Boleslaus himself killed Stanislaus while the?bishop?was saying?mass?in a?chapel?outside the city on April 11. Stanislaus has long been the symbol of Polish nationhood.?
St Aloysius’ parents had decided that their son would be a soldier, but Aloysius had other plans. At age 9 he decided that he wanted to be a priest. While serving as a page in the Spanish court, he developed kidney disease which meant he had to spend a lot of time in bed where he had plenty of time for prayer and holy reading. When he was 18 he finally convinced his father to fulfill his dream of joining the Jesuits. In 1591 he worked helping victims of the plague in Rome. He caught the disease himself and died at the age of 23.

It is made of sterling silver and will come with a matching holy card in an organza gift bag, so it’s ready to give as a present to someone else or yourself.

Size: 7/8 inch, excluding the bail
Material: Sterling silver. Chains are also sterling silver.


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