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Our Lady Of Perpetual Help / St Gerard Majella Medal – Sterling Silver Antique Replica



Size: 3/4 inch
Material: Sterling silver

This medal features Our Lady of Perpetual Help, a 15th century icon that is located in the church of Saint Alfonso di Liguori. The painting shows St Michael on Mary’s left and St Gabriel on her right carrying the instruments of Christ’s passion. She holds the baby Jesus in her arms and comforts him as he looks away from the instruments that will cause his death. Some believe that it is a copy of a painting of Mary and Jesus that was done from life by St Luke.

The reverse of the medal shows St Gerard Majella. St Gerard was born in 1726 in Munro, Italy. He was known for his extreme piety from an early age. He became a lay brother in the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer in 1749; and having been poor himself, decided his ministry would be to help the needy. He frequently gave away his own food and earnings and was known to have the mystical gifts of bilocation, prophecy, and healing. He was especially called upon by pregnant women and women in childbirth and had special powers to help them.

This medal was cast from a vintage medal in my collection so it shows all the wear of the original piece. It’s been tumbled for durability and oxidized to give it an aged patina. It is made of sterling silver and will come with a matching holy card in an organza gift bag, so it’s ready to give as a present to someone else or yourself.



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