St Monica’s Hope Medal – Patron of Mothers, Marriage and Alcoholics – Sterling Silver Antique Replica




Size: 13/16 inch (a little under 3/4 inch)
Material: Sterling silver

This lovely medal features a depiction of St Monica standing at the seashore with waves and a sailing ship behind her as a reminder of how she traveled by boat to be with her son, St Augustine, and pray for him. On her left is the French inscription “Le fils de tant de larmes ne saurait perdu.” (The son of so many tears will not perish.)? Which is what a priest told St Monica when she had almost given up hope that Augustine would turn from his wild ways and become a Christian. There is also a dove on her left to represent the Holy Spirit and a small triangle with the initials “IHS” (for Jesus Christ) in the center. The reverse has a decorative cross with the French inscription “Union Eucharistique de Sainte Monique, Carthage” (Eucharistic Union of St Monica, Carthage)

The medal was cast in sterling silver from an antique medal in the Rosa Mystica Collection so it shows all the beauty and history of the original piece. It comes with a matching holy card in an organza gift bag, ready for gift-giving, and was made in the USA.

St Monica was born in 330. Although she was a Christian, she was married to Patricius, and older pagan man with a violent temper.? Their oldest child, Augustine, caused her a great deal of heartache with his wild living. He joined a strange religious sect, lived with a woman out of wedlock, had a child with her, and led an immoral life. Monica prayed for his conversion for 17 years, although she thought it was hopeless. A priest told her “It is not possible the the son of so many tears should perish.” Augustine did convert and was baptized in 387. Monica died later that year. Augustine went on to become a great saint and doctor of the church.

St Monica is the patron of:
Parents who are frustrated with their children
Difficult children
Difficult marriages


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