St Elizabeth Medal – Sterling Silver Antique Replica – Patron of bakers & brides, Against in-law problems




Size: 3/4 inch
Material: Sterling silver

This lovely medal shows St Elizabeth in profile with a crown on her head and carrying roses in her mantle. The back of the medal is blank.

St Elizabeth was a Hungarian princess who was married to Louis of Thuringa when she was 13 years old. In spite of her noble rank and caring for her own 4 children, she dedicated her life to personally serving the poor. She opened a hospital near he castle, and baked bread to distribute to the poor herself. When her courtiers and husband disapproved of her charity work, she told them that she had to follow Christ’s teachings, not theirs. Once when taking bread to the poor, Prince Louis stopped her to check what she was carrying under her cloak. When he looked, the bread had been changed into roses, so he let her go on her way. She died in 1231.

The medal was cast in sterling silver from an antique medal in the Rosa Mystica Collection so it shows all the beauty and history of the original piece. It comes with a matching holy card in an organza gift bag, ready for gift-giving, and was made in the USA.

St Elizabeth Seton is the patron of:
Homeless people
Falsely accused people
Against death of children
Against death of parents
Against in-law problems
People ridiculed for their pietyk the item up. Please don’t confuse these costs for additional shipping charges.


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