St Patrick Medal

St Patrick Breastplate Prayer

According to tradition, he wrote it in 433 A.D. for divine protection before successfully converting the Irish King Leoghaire and his subjects from paganism to Christianity.


June is Cancer Awareness Month

I’m sure we all know someone who has cancer. Maybe even you have it yourself. Sometimes it seems like this illness is everywhere. These are a few of the people I know who have been affected by this disease and whom I pray for every day – our former babysitter who as a young mother […]

St Peregrine Medal

St Peregrine – Patron Saint of Cancer Patients

St Peregrine was born in 1260 in Forli, Italy.  There was a great deal of religious strife in this area when he was young, and during a popular revolt he struck St Philip Benizi, the papal mediator, in the face.  St Philip calmly turned the other cheek and forgave him.  Upon seeing this example, Peregrine was […]