How to Wear Your Saint Medal

While the most popular way to wear saint medals are on chains and necklaces, there are different ways to wear and display your Catholic faith and have your favorite patron saint be with you wherever you go. At Rosa Mystica Medals, we carry some of the most popular accessories to wear your medals, but we have seen many other ways they are worn that we’d love to share.

Mother’s Day Rosa Mystica 1

The Perfect Patron Saint Medal for Your Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re like me scratching your head wondering what to give mom this year.  A gift card? (too impersonal.)  Flowers? (Wilting and dying may be an issue.)  A small appliance? (That was a joke.)  Why not give your mom a gift that is not only beautiful, but […]


St Peregrine – Patron Saint of Cancer Patients

St Peregrine was born in 1260 in Forli, Italy.  There was a great deal of religious strife in this area when he was young, and during a popular revolt he struck St Philip Benizi, the papal mediator, in the face.  St Philip calmly turned the other cheek and forgave him.  Upon seeing this example, Peregrine was […]


St Monica and St Anne – Two Great Saints for Mothers

So, I’ve been wondering – who is thought of more as the patron saint of mothers:  St Monica or St Anne?  When it comes to antique religious medals, St Anne medals are much easier to find that St Monica medals.   As for being patrons of mothers, I know that really they BOTH are patrons of moms, […]

St Joan Of Arc Battle Flag Medal

My Obsession with St Joan of Arc

I admit that I just can’t get enough of St Joan of Arc.  She just seems to be such an awesome saint in so many ways!  The medal above is one of my favorites of her, but I really love all the ones of her that I’ve collected. Here are some of the reasons I […]

Our Lady of La Salette

Our Lady of La Salette – A Marian Apparition

The vision of Our Lady of La Salette occurred to two children, Melanie Calvat and Maximin Giraud, while they were tending cattle at La Salette-Fallavaux, France, in 1846. They saw a bright light, then a lady with her head in her hands.

Expedite 1

St Expedite – The Patron Saint of Procrastinators

April 19th is the feast day of St Expedite (or Expeditus), the patron saint of procrastinators. No, I did not make that up! There’s a long tradition of praying to St Expedite for help in getting things done in a hurry simply because of his name. Here’s the definition from Websters: Expedite – To make […]