Virgin Mary Rosa Mystica and Black Madonna Of Fourviere Medal

What is a Black Madonna? By Susan Monroe

The first time I saw a Black Madonna medal, my reaction was ‘Our Lady of ….what?’ The names and locations of many of the Black Madonna representations are not familiar to us; however, they represent a unique and intensely spiritual time in the life of the Catholic Church.

Sterling Joan Of Arc On Horseback Medal

Catholic Medals Can Be History Lessons

Often when we think of Catholic medals, we think of medals showing a saint, Blessed Mary or a crucifix. However some medals also show historical events. Below are four medals in the Rosa Mystica Medals collection which are saint medals but also a lesson in history.

Radiant Sacred Heart Of Jesus Medal

Sacred Heart of Jesus Symbolism

The Sacred Heart of Jesus is a very popular Catholic devotional image and it consists of several symbols.  The Sacred Heart Medal is to remind us of the Passion of Christ on the cross hence the crown of thorns.


June is the Month of the Sacred Heart

The devotional theme for June is the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which is one of the most popular devotions within the Catholic Church.  It began around 1672 when Jesus appeared to St Margaret Mary Alacoque and revealed to her the devotion to His Sacred Heart. 


How to Wear Your Saint Medal

While the most popular way to wear saint medals are on chains and necklaces, there are different ways to wear and display your Catholic faith and have your favorite patron saint be with you wherever you go. At Rosa Mystica Medals, we carry some of the most popular accessories to wear your medals, but we have seen many other ways they are worn that we’d love to share.

Mother’s Day Rosa Mystica 1

The Perfect Patron Saint Medal for Your Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re like me scratching your head wondering what to give mom this year.  A gift card? (too impersonal.)  Flowers? (Wilting and dying may be an issue.)  A small appliance? (That was a joke.)  Why not give your mom a gift that is not only beautiful, but […]