St Peregrine Medal

St Peregrine – Patron Saint of Cancer Patients

St Peregrine was born in 1260 in Forli, Italy.  There was a great deal of religious strife in this area when he was young, and during a popular revolt he struck St Philip Benizi, the papal mediator, in the face.  St Philip calmly turned the other cheek and forgave him.  Upon seeing this example, Peregrine was […]

St Anne Medals

St Monica and St Anne – Two Great Saints for Mothers

So, I’ve been wondering – who is thought of more as the patron saint of mothers:  St Monica or St Anne?  When it comes to antique religious medals, St Anne medals are much easier to find that St Monica medals.   As for being patrons of mothers, I know that really they BOTH are patrons of moms, […]